Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Source Id : 00000211

Source type : Journal

Total Indexed Documents:34

Language Covered : English

Publisher Name : ZAIN Publications

Country of Publication : Sweden

ISSN : - E-ISSN : 0976 - 7797

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Scope Database Coverage Period : From 2021 to Present (2022)

Chief Editor : Dr. Zain Sahermedov,Editor in Chief

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Subject Area Covered : Engineering and Technology (miscellaneous) Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) Chemistry (miscellaneous) Medicine (miscellaneous)Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous)Social Sciences (miscellaneous)Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)Agricultural and Biological Sciences (Miscellaneous)Multidisciplinary: Life Sciences

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Source Id Source Name Year Documents published Cited Count Impact Factor Score (IFS)
00000211 Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies 2022 10 NA NA
00000211 Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies 2021 24 NA NA

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Subject Category IFS Rank Percentile
Engineering and Technology (miscellaneous) #31/35
Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) #2/7
Chemistry (miscellaneous) #3/8
Medicine (miscellaneous) #0/0
Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous) #7/12
Social Sciences (miscellaneous) #21/23
Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous) #33/34
Agricultural and Biological Sciences (Miscellaneous) #23/30
Multidisciplinary: Life Sciences #24/41