Various Departments of Scope Database

Scope Database employees more than 250 persons in All Levels. We have different Department in Scope Database office

  • Source Collection Management Department
  • Source evaluation and Re-evaluation division
  • Indexing Division
  • Citation and Journal metrics Department
  • Sales and Marketing Division
  • Website and Database Development and maintenance Division
  • Computer System Maintenance Division
  • Research and Development Division
  • Customer and Publisher Support Division
  • Accounting and Finance Division
  • General Admin division
  • Content Selection Committee (CSC) Department
  • Subscription Division
  • University/Institute Co-ordination Division
  • Legal and Complaints division
  • Conference Division
  • Book Series and Trade journal co-ordination Department
  • Content Quality Control division
  • Human Resource Division
  • MIS Division

Scope Database Email Contact and Responsibility
S. No. Purpose of contact Responsibility Email id
1 Source Collections Collecting Source from the publisher
2 New Journal, conference proceedings and Trade journal Evaluation Evaluation of New journals, conferences, trade journals and book series for inclusion into the Scope Database
3 Journal Re-Evaluation Re-evaluation of journals, conferences, trade journals and book series which is already indexed in Scope Database
4 Help Any help for all kind of business actives
5 General Contact All Business-Related contact
6 New Title Suggestion New Title Suggestion communication among Publishers
7 Chief Executive Officer Major Communication among internal and external business activities
8 Payment Related information All payment related queries
9 Submit the information Submission of All customer requirements
10 Administration Scope Database Internal administration
11 General information All General Query
12 Promotion Online promotion and support for new customers
13 Sales and Marketing Sales related query
14 Director – Operations E-operations and Support for new and existing customers
15 Managing Director Responsible for Smooth operations of entire business activities
16 Enquiry All General enquiry about indexing and citation analysis
17 Support System, Website and Database support for internal and external customers
18 General Manager- Marketing E-Marketing and promotion of Scope Database product
19 Content Selection Committees Communication among CSS Members and Scope Database
20 Manager –Operations Scope Database Internal actives related query
21 Publisher Contact All Publisher Related Enquiry
22 Director –R & D Research and Development of Scope Database for future Innovation
23 Vice President- Marketing Marketing of Scope Database Product and Subscription related queries
24 Complaints Any Compliant about internal and external business-related issues
25 Director – Indexing Responsible for indexing and metrics analysis
26 Director- University Relations University Related contact
27 Chief Technical Officer All Technical Operations related enquiry
28 Customer Service Support to All customer needs
29 Reports Report generation and communication to the customers
30 Chief Operating Officer All Business Operations related activities