• The Title evaluation process consists of evaluation of many criteria such as Basic Journal Publishing Standards (including Timeliness of publication), adherence to International Editorial Board, and English Language Bibliographic Information (including English article titles, keywords, author abstracts, and cited references).
  • Scope Database examines the journal's Editorial Content and the International diversity of its authors and editors. Scope Database using data from Scope Database and Google Scholar to determine the journal's citation history and/or the citation history of its authors and editors.
  • Only publishers can submit a journal for evaluation. Scope Database needs at least three consecutive issues to complete an evaluation.For Print only journals, please send the most current issue of the journal and then each subsequent issue as soon as each is published to the following address:
  • Scope Database
    Door no. 188, Kapaleeswarar Nagar,
    1st Main road, Neelankarai,
    Chennai, India - 600 115

  • Back issues are not evaluated. Send only current issues. It is necessary to send accompanying material in support of your application other than enclosing a document stating the following:
    • Full Journal Title
    • ISSN
    • Publisher's Name and Address
    • Editor's Name and Address
    • Brief statement on the unique features of the journal and how it is distinguished from other journals in the field.
  • The international experts on our Content Selection Committee (CSC) continually review new titles/journals using both quantitative and qualitative metrics data. Only serial titles (Journals and Conference Proceedings) may be suggested to the Content Selection Committee (CSC) for inclusion on Scope Database. Serials include journals and conferences. CSC Suggestions arerecommended to the publishers or chief editors of a title. Individual researchers and librarians can also suggest titles for Scope Database, but these suggestions need the support from the publisher or chief editor of the title. Before suggesting a serial title, Check the following parameters very carefully
  • Check the current Scope Database title lists and ensure that title already not indexed in Scope Database presently Title Search
  • Read the Overview of Title evaluation process used by Scope Database and approved by CSC
  • Use the Web enabled form to submit the Journal for Evaluation process Scope Database Title Suggestion From
  • Read the Role and Responsibilities of the Editors of the Journal/conference proceedings/Book Series Role of Editors

Publishers/ Chief Editors can submit the title for evaluation, but the publisher will be informed about the outcome of the review process and reasons for the decision. You can track the progress of the title evaluation process by entering the unique Tracking ID provided at the time of submission into the Journal Title Evaluation Tracker

Email contact: evaluation@sdbindex.com

Journal Selection Criteria

All journal titles should meet all of these minimum criteria for review and evaluation of the journal title

  • Journal should publish only peer-reviewed content
  • Journal Should provide publicly available peer review process
  • Journal must include Editorial/Review Board consists of Members from all over the world. Members affiliation details should be included in the list including email id.
  • Articles/papers Should be published on regular basis
  • Journals should have International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)registered with the ISSN International Centre
  • The Journal content should be relevant and readable by an international audience
  • References given in Roman script
  • Paper title and abstract should be English Language
  • Aim and Scope of the Journal should be indicated properly
  • Subject area coverage should be included in the journal web page
  • Journal should have publicly available publication ethics and publication malpractice statement
  • Publication ethics statement should be included in the journal web page
  • Proper Contact details of the editor should bepublicly available with email id

CSC members are subject matter expertise. CSE members are committed to actively seeking out and selecting best journals that meets the needs and standards of the research community. Journals eligible for review by the CSC will be evaluated on the following criteria in Six categories:

Category Criteria
Journal Policy Statement Convincing editorial policy and Editorial Members
Type of peer review process
Diversity in geographical distribution of editors
Diversity in geographical distribution of authors
Content Access in open access or restricted access
Contact details of the publisher/editor
Presence of Peer Review policy
Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement
Article Removal policy
Content Quality Academic contribution to the field
Clarity of abstracts and keywords
Quality and conformity to the stated aims, scope of the journal and
Readability of articles
Scholarly Content
Clarity of English Language
Journal format
Author Affiliation Details
Editorial Board affiliation details
Journal Standing Citedness of journal articles in Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus and other indexing search engines
Editor or Editor in Chief standing
Appropriate Citation to the Title
Content Significance
Author citation analysis
Comparative citation analysis
Editorial/Review Board Composition
Author distribution in different country
Publishing Regularity No delays or interruptions in the publication schedule in online and print mode
Approximate Paper Acceptance time
Approximate Type setting and publishing time
Approximate Indexing time in various indexing search engines
Adherence to Call for Paper Schedule
Online Availability Full journal content available online
English language journal home page available
Quality of journal home page
URL of the Journals (For online journals)
Journal Website Functionality
Quality Parameters Article originality
Article Quality in terms of typesetting parameters
Article Acceptance Rate
Review Time
Plagiarism Rate
Adherence to the Community Standards
Validity of Statements