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Scope Database Email Contact and Responsibility
S. No. Purpose of contact Responsibility Email id
1 Source Collections Collecting Source from the publisher source@sdbindex.com
2 New Journal, conference proceedings and Trade journal Evaluation Evaluation of New journals, conferences, trade journals and book series for inclusion into the Scope Database evaluation@sdbindex.com
3 Journal Re-Evaluation Re-evaluation of journals, conferences, trade journals and book series which is already indexed in Scope Database re-evaluation@sdbindex.com
4 Help Any help for all kind of business actives help@sdbindex.com
5 General Contact All Business-Related contact contact@sdbindex.com
6 New Title Suggestion New Title Suggestion communication among Publishers title-suggestion@sdbindex.com
7 Chief Executive Officer Major Communication among internal and external business activities ceo@sdbindex.com
8 Payment Related information All payment related queries payment@sdbindex.com
9 Submit the information Submission of All customer requirements submit@sdbindex.com
10 Administration Scope Database Internal administration admin@sdbindex.com
11 General information All General Query info@sdbindex.com
12 Promotion Online promotion and support for new customers promotion@sdbindex.com
13 Sales and Marketing Sales related query sales@sdbindex.com
14 Director – Operations E-operations and Support for new and existing customers director@sdbindex.com
15 Managing Director Responsible for Smooth operations of entire business activities md@sdbindex.com
16 Enquiry All General enquiry about indexing and citation analysis enquiry@sdbindex.com
17 Support System, Website and Database support for internal and external customers support@sdbindex.com
18 General Manager- Marketing E-Marketing and promotion of Scope Database product gm@sdbindex.com
19 Content Selection Committees Communication among CSS Members and Scope Database css@sdbindex.com
20 Manager –Operations Scope Database Internal actives related query manager@sdbindex.com
21 Publisher Contact All Publisher Related Enquiry publisher@sdbindex.com
22 Director –R & D Research and Development of Scope Database for future Innovation research@sdbindex.com
23 Vice President- Marketing Marketing of Scope Database Product and Subscription related queries marketing@sdbindex.com
24 Complaints Any Compliant about internal and external business-related issues complaints@sdbindex.com
25 Director – Indexing Responsible for indexing and metrics analysis index@sdbindex.com
26 Director- University Relations University Related contact university@sdbindex.com
27 Chief Technical Officer All Technical Operations related enquiry cto@sdbindex.com
28 Customer Service Support to All customer needs sevice@sdbindex.com
29 Reports Report generation and communication to the customers reports@sdbindex.com
30 Chief Operating Officer All Business Operations related activities coo@sdbindex.com