Before you start

1. Please check that the title you wish to suggest is not already in Scope Database by referring to the Scope Database title list.

2. Scope Database only allows titles for evaluation that meet the following minimum criteria:

-English-language abstracts and English-language article titles;
-Peer reviewed content;
-A regular publication schedule and a print- and/or electronic ISSN number registered with the International ISSN Centre;
-References in Roman script;
-A recognized online publication ethics and publication malpractice statement.
Scope Database may not review a title if it does not meet all of these criteria.

3. The (CSC) uses sample documents of published content to evaluate the quality of the title. We recommend that a title has published for at least two years before it is suggested for inclusion in Scope Database and we may reject a title suggestion for review if the publication history is too short to review the title.

What information must be provided?
1. We ask you to provide full title detail information: all questions in the suggestion form are mandatory.
If you are not the publisher or editor of the title, or otherwise in a position to provide all the information required, we recommend that you contact the publisher of the title and request that the publisher complete the suggestion form

2. When you suggest a title, you will be asked to provide sample PDFs as a final step in the title suggestion process. It is not possible to complete the title suggestion process without uploading PDFs.

What happens after suggestion is complete?
New titles are reviewed by the independent Scope Database Content Selection Committee (CSC) on a continuous basis.

We strive to evaluate new title suggestions as quickly as possible: however, please allow several months up to one year for the review process to be completed.

Be aware that the evaluation of a title is not influenced by the number of times it is suggested. Multiple submissions of the same title will only delay the review process. Review of your title suggestion does not guarantee selection of the title.

If you have any questions about the evaluation process, please contact us at
To read how Scope Database uses, collects and shares personal data, please read the Scope Database Privacy policy